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5 Quick Cures for Cracked Hands and Feet

Winter is just around the corner, and for many people that means dry, cracked hands and feet. Although chapped, dried out skin can happen at any time of the year, winter seems to bring on the worst bouts of cracked, parched hands and feet.

There are different causes for dry skin and cracked hands or feet, but most of the time it happens because the skin is not getting enough moisture. This is more common during the winter months because the air outside is dryer, with lower humidity then is seen in the summer time. Besides the cold air and low humidity, the winter chill means turning on the heat in the house, and that can be big contributor to dry skin.

And cold weather is not alone when it comes to drying out the skin. Arid, desert climates can also be hard on the skin. Not drinking enough water may be another cause of skin dryness, and there are other irritants that can bring on cracked hands and feet as well. Frequent exposure to the chemicals found in household cleansers, detergents, and soaps may cause the skin to become cracked and dry.

Luckily, severe dry skin sufferers can find relief with 1 or more of these quick cures for cracked hands and feet.

Quick Cure #1 Cocoa Butter
Cocoa butter is a thick moisturizing cream that can be very effective in the treatment of dry skin. It is sold in most drug stores and is usually not very expensive. Cocoa butter usually comes in a tub – which is the thicker, more solid form – or in a tube, which has a creamier texture. Which type of cocoa butter you use is generally just a matter of personal preference, but some users say that the thicker, tub substance works a bit better.

Quick Cure #2 Shea Butter
Shea butter is not as well-known as cocoa butter, but it is every bit as effective for treating dried and cracked hands and feet. Shea butter is soft and buttery, and it can provide fast relief of dry skin because of its thick and silky texture. Another benefit of using shea butter is that it is not greasy like some other creams and lotions. It soaks quickly into the skin without leaving a slippery film behind.

Quick Cure #3 Vaseline
The most severe cases of dry skin – the kind that make your hands crack – call for the most serious action. Vaseline is greasy, thick and goopy, but it sure does the trick on skin that is dried out badly enough to become chafed and cracked. Treatment with Vaseline is usually done overnight, with the petroleum jelly being slathered on just before bed. Put a pair of gloves (socks work too) over the hands and let the Vaseline soak in all night long. Regular treatments can show results within a few weeks.

Quick Cure #4 Humectant and Water Soaks
Soaking dried out hands and feet with a humectant made for dry skin treatment can also provide tremendous relief. A humectant attracts water, so it adds hydration to dry hands and feet when they are soaked in it. Soaking baths can be done on a regular basis, but the hands and feet should only be soaked for around 5 minutes. Apply lotion after the humectant bath to seal the moisture in.

Quick Cure #5 Gloves
Wearing gloves during rough weather or while working with household chemicals can help protect your hands and prevent dry skin for becoming a serious problem. Constant exposure to dry conditions with no protection will only make the dryness become worse.



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