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Is Hand Piercing A Good Idea?

One person will say hand piercing is cool, another will say it's a dumb idea. They're both partly right and party wrong. Chances are neither fully understands what all is involved, but are focusing on appearance. Over the past decades we've seen the tattoo come into favor, fall out of favor, and then return. Pierced ears used to be in the woman's domain, and "normal" guys wouldn't even think about it. Earrings on men have since gained general acceptance, but just when we thought things might settle down, piercing in other places became fashionable. First the nose, then the tongue and lips, and eventually most any area of the body became a candidate for piercing.

Piercing, like a tattoo, or a particular hairstyle for that matter, can look great on some people and absolutely awful on others. Being a free country, one can probably get a piercing on any part of the body he or she wishes to. Where one chooses to do it may add to their looks or detract from their looks. Personally, a multiple piercing doesn't do a lot for me, but maybe that's just me. A multiple piercing in an ear can sometimes be quite attractive though, and a pierced nose, on the right person, isn't always all that bad. Why someone would want to pierce their own tongue is something only they know.

Think Before Your Act - Hand piercing however seems to be a rather special case. It's not simply a matter of choosing just another body part to decorate. Hand piercing really requires that you think carefully before you act. There are a number of things that can happen with a pierced hand, and not all of them are good.

Inconvenience should be considered first. Our hands are in motion and in use more than any other part of the body, and come into contact with more different objects and substances than any other part of the body. A decoration in the wrong place could constantly be in the way, and in the extreme, could get ripped out. Not a pleasant thought. That would be bad enough if just an ear lobe were concerned, but unless you can wiggle your ears, they aren't in motion much, and are more protected than the hands.

Where? - If you do decide upon hand piercing, just where on the hand do you want to do it? Better plan ahead on that one. One of the scariest bits of information you'll see on some web sites dedicated to hand piercing is that you can pierce any part of the hand you wish (most web sites fortunately don't say that). Your hand is chock full of muscles, tendons, and nerve endings, things you don't want to mess up. The webbing between the fingers may seem to be the safest place, but the webbing is a part of the hand most apt to reject the piercing, and is one of places on the hand most susceptible to infection.

Don't Try This At Home - Have the piercing done by a professional who knows what he or she is doing, and can tell you what all is going to be involved. Asking a friend to do the piercing, or trying to do it yourself may seem like an act of bravery, but will only mark you as not being the brightest crayon in the box. If any of the nerves running through the hand, or a tendon, is pierced, you'll have a reminder that be with you a long time, if not permanently.

Hand piecing usually only involves the surface area. You aren't driving a spike through your hand. The objective may be to make a piercing in two places, to accommodate a ring or barbell, or make a single piecing, in which an anchor plate with an attached shaft is inserted under the surface of the skin. The procedure usually isn't terribly painful, but the recovery and healing process can be.

Healing, A Lengthy Process - It may take several weeks or even up to a year for total healing to occur. Until the healing process is finished, you're going to have to religiously keep your hands clean. If rejection doesn't occur, infection might. Wearing gloves all the time isn't a good solution either. If the gloves are soft or knitted, while taking them off or putting then on, they could catch on, and even pull out, what you've inserted. Gloves with a denser lining may make the pierced area moist and dark, a breeding ground for you know what.

Do It For The Right Reasons - Finally, in spite of what some may tell you, a hand piercing doesn't always last, and you may be left with only a scar to show for one. The scar may or may not be of any particular concern, depending upon where on the hand the piercing occurred. But that is just one more thing you need to be aware of. The bottom line is, don't get a hand piercing just because you think it's cool, will be a great conversation piece, or a friend has dared you to. Do yourself the favor of looking into the subject carefully, so you can end up making an informed decision, and convince yourself that you're willing to pay the price.



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