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Effective Treatments for Hand Rashes

There are several effective treatments for hand rashes that you may want to consider. This is one area of the body that other people see frequently. As a result of that, it can be embarrassing when such a rash is present. Finding the underlying reason for it is going to reduce the chances of a future outbreak.

Your hands may have come into contact with harmful chemicals at home or at work. There may be ingredients in cleaners that aren’t good for you to use. Always wear protective gloves when working with them. You should wash your hands as well when you are done using them.

If you do use gloves but suffer from hand rashes, then they may be to blame. Many people have an allergic reaction to latex which is commonly used to make gloves. This can result in the outbreaks occurring. If you think that may be possible, experiment with the use of non-latex gloves for a few weeks and see what happens.

Food allergies can cause hand rashes and by eliminating such foods from your diet you can stop them. It can take some time to find out what the food is that is responsible for it. Pay attention to the connections of what you eat and when such outbreaks occur. If you have recently started to take medication then that could be a side effect so you need to discuss it with your doctor.

Your body could be lacking something such as Vitamin A or enough Zinc which can result in such a rash appearing. Taking supplements of these products can help you to see a reduction in the problem. You want to make sure you take high enough milligrams though for there to be enough benefit. You may need to do some research to find out how much should be taken on a daily basis.

To prevent your hands from rashes do your best to wash them and then to apply moisturizers to them. Keep lotion in the bathroom and carry it with you when you travel. Pay attention to the products you use on your hands as well. Soaps that you use to wash your body may be irritating the skin. If so, try to use products that are free of scents and free of dyes.

There are over the counter products as well as prescription creams that your doctor can recommend for hand rashes. Even so, they don’t do much but offer you relief from the itching. The real problem lies in the fact that there is something irritating the skin. It may not be anything that you are doing though. It could be a genetic part of your body that is making it occur.

You may have to do some testing to find out what the cause of your hand rashes are the result of.  Be patient with the process so that you are able to start pinpointing certain variables. Keep in mind that any changes you make could take up to two weeks to show results. For example if you change your diet or change the soap you use the hand rashes could still continue for a few weeks until your body has had time to adapt to the changes.

If you aren’t able to get rid of the rash on your own consult with a doctor or a dermatologist. If the problem is genetic in nature there may not be much you can do by yourself to control it. The use of UV laser therapy may be necessary to reduce the redness and the blotches caused by the rash.



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