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Tingling In Right Hand

Top Five Reasons for Tingling in the Right Hand

            It is an odd feeling, likened to prickling and pins and needles, but for those who experience a tingling in the right hand it may be an indication of something more sinister at work.  There could be a number of reasons for this feeling that could range from acute to chronic; any unusual or sudden sensations such as this should be brought to the attention of your medical professional for an accurate diagnosis.

            The human body is an intricate and complex network of nerves; a pipeline of electronic responses that runs through every inch of our body.  Virtually every area of the body is serviced by this automatic network, which continually transmits information to the brain for interpretation of the sensation. Pain, pleasure, tactile sensations and more are detected through this highly sophisticated information network that allows us to feel the world around us.  This system runs flawlessly and automatically in most cases when allowed to operate unobstructed.  Sometimes, however, a glitch occurs that can impede the information flow, causing aberrant sensations such as numbness, pins and needles or tingling.  There are various causes for the uncharacteristic feelings, with the top five reasons being insufficient blood flow, carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes, muscular sclerosis and nerve damage. 

            The most common reason for the sensation of tingling in the right hand is insufficient blood flow, which can occur for different reasons as well.  Often when we sleep, we assume one position where we may remain for over an hour before moving.  When blood flow is restricted to the extremities because of pressure that is imposed on the area, it can result in the nerves emitting unusual sensations of prickling and numbness, or “falling asleep”.   Being overweight also causes the tingling.  Fatty deposits taking up space that the nerves should be occupying means a compression of the nerves will occur.  Once the pressure is removed and normal blood flow is returned to the area, these sensations will disappear.  

            Carpal tunnel syndrome has multiplied in occurrences with the widespread popularity of computers.  Any type of repetitive action will result in overwork of the nerves that travel through the carpal tunnel, and will result in numbness, tingling in the right or the left hand and eventually pain.  The best method of alleviating the problem before it accelerates is to discontinue the repetitive task.  Advanced cases of carpal tunnel syndrome could result in the need for surgery.

            Another direct result of the overweight population is an increase in cases of diabetes; a disease of which one of the symptoms is the tingling of extremities such as the hands or feet.  It happens over time when high glucose levels affect the blood vessels that feed oxygen to the peripheral nerves in these areas. 

            A disease of the central nervous system may also be the culprit behind persistent tingling sensations.  Multiple sclerosis can cause this feeling along with burning sensations and heightened sensitivity in the early stages of the disease due to obstruction of blood flow. 

            In addition to all of these, tingling of the right hand or other extremity can be from Buerger’s disease, thyroid problems, lyme disease, arthritis and anxiety.  When the sensations are felt, it is beneficial to note the frequency and the situations that brought them on in order to help the doctor to determine the cause and treatment. 

            It is important to note that in most cases the unusual sensations are not life threatening and will dissipate once the pressure affecting the nerves is relieved.  Above all else, if the condition continues on a regular basis, it is strongly recommended to see a doctor for proper treatment.



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