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Warts On Hands

How to Get Rid of those Warts on Your Hands

Warts on your hands are caused by a virus that sets up shop inside your skin.  There are three types of warts, although the kind you’ll find on your hands will be of the flat variety.  They look small and smooth and are usually round.  You can even get several warts on your hands at the same time. 

Most warts on your hands will go away by themselves, but there are plenty of over-the-counter wart removers that can help.  These products typically freeze the wart so it will fall off.  If an over-the-counter remedy doesn’t work and the warts on your hands aren’t going away by themselves, then it may be time to try some other measures.  Your doctor can give you some ideas, although many of the tips your doctor will give you are simple things you can do at home.

One of the best ways to get rid of warts on your hands actually uses duct tape.  Cut a piece of duct tape and leave it over your warts for a couple of days.  Then remove the duct tape and soak the warts on your hands in some warm water for several minutes.  Use an emery board to rub the warts off after you soak them.  Very large warts may require the steps for this method to be repeated several times.  Just make sure you throw away the emery board after each use, or else you’ll just keep infecting yourself each time and risk infecting anyone else who touches the emery board.

Another home remedy for warts on your hands is vinegar.  Try soaking some cotton balls in vinegar and taping them to your hands for a couple of hours each day until the warts are gone. 

Fresh garlic also works nicely as a wart remover, but I emphasize the word “fresh.”  Just buy a clove of garlic at the grocery store and mince it up.  Then rub it into the warts on your hands and bandage them.  Repeat this once per day until your warts are gone. 

If none of the home remedies are working, then it may be time to have surgery to remove the warts on your hands.  Some doctors can use liquid nitrogen to freeze the warts off.  This is a very quick procedure, but it’s also very painful.  The doctor may inject a painkiller to numb the area before he freezes the warts off.  Other surgical methods for removing warts on your hands include lasers and simply cutting the wart off.  Doctors can also prescribe some medications to help the warts go away.

Usually warts that go away after treatment don’t come back, although occasionally you’ll find some pesky warts that won’t stay gone.  Just keep treating the warts until they’re gone for good.  If you’re really having trouble with chronic warts, then you may need to find out if your immune system is weakened for any reason and get that problem taken care of.



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